Top Ten Teaching Tips




BODY PART           TOP TIP                         ACTION

(from ground up)


FEET                                 Use key words                                 Kick ‘key word’ cards on floor


KNEES                              Use kinaesthetic learning                   Rub knees saying ‘ki-nees-thetic’       


BOTTOM                          Explore learning outcomes                 Point to bottom  ‘explore outcomes’


ARMS                               Share learning objectives                  Embrace self with arms say ‘share’


SHOULDERS                     Check on learning gains                     Body check / shoulder say ‘check’


THROAT                             Make it safe to make mistakes         Grasp throat say ‘safe’


MOUTH                             Give clear instructions                     Hand over mouth mumble ‘clear’


EYES                                 Regularly monitor progress               Peer with imaginary binoculars


HEAD                                 Give regular and frequent praise       Pat your own head ‘well done’


STRETCH                           Stretch the student                         Reach up on toes say ‘stretch’


A kinaesthetic way to learn effective teaching strategies