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This website is dedicated to the advancement of quality teaching and learning for all It is based on the fundamental belief that every child deserves to receive the highest quality of teaching and promotes a respect for all teachers and teaching assistants for the valuable work they carry out each and every day.

It offers ideas to support teaching and raise the quality of learning. We aim to encourage children's learning even before they start school since many of the brain's major pathways are laid down in those vital pre-school years. To that end we have developed a parenting section of the website

As a starting point children should be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and recognise the unlimited capacity of their brain's power and should discover their favoured learning style. Learning objectives should be shared at the beginning of a teaching activity and these objectives should be re-visited in a plenary session to determine whether or not targets have been reached.

Learning environments will be considered and strategies for raising motivation, cooperation and learning techniques such as research and memory improvement. Resilience plays a vital role in learning and failure should not be seen as a weakness because only by being stuck and overcoming a problem does learning actually take place.

The website is managed by Dennis Medway whose background can be found if you follow this link.


A successful school embraces the idea that leadership is respected and encouraged at every level not simply resting with senior or middle managers. This of course includes students who should take a positive daily role in advancing their learning. A Learning Forum should be established in schools to share views on teaching and learning strategies. Students are very competent at feeding back on effective or enjoyable learning experiences.


A really useful site to secure quality resources:         www.incentiveplus.co.uk   and an outstanding book to inform, motivate and inspire teachers is 'Essential Motivation in the Classroom' by Ian Gilbert.


The Headteacher should seek to improve the performance of all teachers in the classroom. This is a simple message. Leaders will emerge at all levels to join in encouraging others along the way. It requires passion and courage to make the vision a reality. A team ethos should permeate every aspect of school life. Integrity and honesty are essential along with a willingness to support failing or struggling teachers until every avenue has been explored and they can move on to a more rewarding career. Humility is a useful attribute along with a willingness to learn and listen to colleagues in the quest for high quality teaching. Good judgement, clarity and empathy will help to smooth the journey.

Teachers will always be at the heart of the learning process and need to feel confident in managing change. The school has to have a positive culture where conflict and negativity is kept under control. A collegiate school that is successful will treat staff and children in the same way - with mutual respect. Risk taking should be fostered. Trials of new approaches should be led by classroom teachers as leaders in their own right. Feedback should be listened to on things that have worked in the classroom. No one is better placed than the student in determining a successful strategy.

Learning is life-long, exciting and unpredictable. Successful teaching and learning is everyone's priority.  There is so much that we can learn from one another.

Just follow these links for topics that may be of interest. They form the basis of materials and ideas developed for training days. The logo below- titled 'Resources' opens an area that is being developed for more ideas designed to raise attainment in the classroom. The remaining links go to materials that will support children suffering from bereavement.



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