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New  to support home study in the present crisis

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Assemblies 2 Inspire - Requires Power Point

An extract of an assembly presentation on Father's Day taken  from the extensive range of assemblies for students aged  9 to 16 that can be ordered from this website.

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Posters 2 Inspire - Requires Adobe Reader

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Music to promote learning

Sound samples as timing tools for the classroom (in zip format):

Countdown and Mission Impossible themes   

Activities to use as starters or energisers

Multiple Intelligence Test


Sense of a Goose



Student questionnaire on quality of teaching and learning

The Joy of Teaching (humour)

The Gender of a Computer (humour)

Power Point explaining Hat Thinking

   Sample Policy on Equal Opportunities in schools

     Fairness for All 


         Handling Stress    


  Training Days for Pirates 






Could you be a good manager? Try our simple 4 questions.Quiz

Joyce Grenfell's amusing monologue on the Nursery School